ABOUT Tiddy Söderlund

Essential compositions in nuanced harmony.

Tiddy Söderlund was born in Skåne (in the south of Sweden) and has been painting all her life. Her formal training began with two years of study at the art school in Sollentuna, north of Stockholm. Tiddy continued at the so called Tuesday and Friday Art Academy. She expanded her experience at different art courses in Sweden and abroad.

Tiddy has developed a young and inquiring style, which has its roots in early naturalistic depictions and has progressed to a place where houses and nature become building blocks in a free composition.

She works with oil on canvas in a harmonious range of colours. Using simplifications and reductions, her compositions get in touch with a child’s natural capacity for concentrating life to the essentials. Tiddy’s nuanced mixture of colours and her capacity to put it all together makes her work increasingly personal and mature.

Tiddy’s  powerful work shows a freed creativity. She has dropped conventions, left behind traditional fear of art materials and embraced her own inspiration to direct the hand and eye.

Written by Lena Grafström Galleri 17, Stockholm